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Committees of the A/P Council

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee administers the annual A/P nomination and election process which occurs in March each year, with newly elected members being seated at the August Council meeting. The Elections Committee is comprised of an Elections Officer and two Council members. The Elections Officer cannot be a current member of the Council and the two Council members cannot stand for re-election during that cycle. Should a Council seat be vacated during the year, the Election Committee identifies the next highest vote-getter from the most recent election to fill the vacancy.


  • Marci Rockey

A/P Constitution Review Committee

Although amendments to the A/P Constitution may be proposed by any Administrative/Professional Staff employee, the A/P Constitution Review Committee's role is to evaluate the current constitution and make recommendations for amendments, as necessary. All constitution amendments require a two-thirds vote of the A/P Council.


  • Vacant

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee schedules A/P brown bag dialogue sessions, organizes A/P Council involvement in the Homecoming parade, and organizes the Children's Holiday Party alongside the Civil Service Council.


  • Kara Snyder (co-chair)

  • Katy Strzepek (co-chair)

  • Amke De Boes

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee manages the application and awarding process for the A/P Scholarship.


  • Derek O'Connell (chair)

Communications Committee

This committee will manage items like the A/P Council article for the ISU Report, AP newsletters, social media, seasonal messages, and custom communication for incoming and retiring staff.


  • Kara Snyder (chair)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee


  • Amy Secretan (chair)

  • Amke De Boes

  • Katy Strzepek