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April 2024 Elections

  • Daniel Freburg, Information Technology

    I've recently been hired as the Director of the IT Learning Center in the School of IT after receiving a Master of Computer Science from ISU.  I'm excited to be an ISU alumni working at ISU!  I'm an AP at-large member of the CAST council and enjoy adding a voice to the college I am a part of.  As an AP council member, I can bring an outlook of a newly hired AP worker and as well as alumni.  Being an AP council member will strengthen my understanding of AP issues which will strengthen AP representation on the CAST council. Serving on the AP council would be an honor and an opportunity to give back to and strengthen the university. 
  • Geno Hampton, University Housing Services

    My Name is Geno Hampton, and I am an Area Coordinator in Housing. I am deeply committed to advocating for the well-being and fair treatment of all A/P employees. Throughout my tenure at Illinois State University, I've connected with colleagues who share the desire for semi-monthly pay, aligning with the standard pay schedule of our peers. To ensure equity and alleviate financial strain caused by pay frequency to ease budgeting challenges. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve on the A/P Council, as it provides a platform to address this critical issue and amplify the voices of those seeking equitable treatment. Discussions about merging councils offer a timely opportunity to initiate this change. By combining forces, we can work towards achieving equality in pay schedules for all employees. Moreover, the prospect of serving as the Campus Communications Committee representative is appealing. This role not only allows me to champion semi-monthly pay but also address various concerns of A/P colleagues. Effective communication is pivotal in fostering understanding and driving positive change. I thrive in disseminating information to empower others, ensuring they are aware of their rights and resources and invested in future changes proposed by the council. In solidarity, my aspiration to join the A/P Council stems from a genuine desire to advocate for the betterment of our collective work environment. This opportunity would give me the ability to advance initiatives promoting fairness, transparency, and inclusivity for all employees. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Paisley Hartman, International Engagement

    I currently serve as the Academic Advisor for Pathway and Academic English students in the Office of International Engagement. I became interested in joining A/P Council once I attended a meeting last semester in our department, and I really enjoyed meeting other staff members throughout campus. It was nice to have that community and learn about what other departments are doing on campus. I have attended some other activities put on by AP council, and I appreciate how you recognize employees and make them feel appreciated.   Throughout my time working as an advisor, I have also been able to work with many other departments in the office, including Study Abroad and International Student Scholars Office. This has allowed me to better understand how different departments work and what employee’s needs are. This experience has helped guide my ideas on how to better serve our employees and support their needs.   I really thought more on this opportunity after I returned from my maternity leave, and how I wished there was more support for staff returning to campus and a longer maternity/paternity leave. I think that with my experience, I will be able to give insight on how we can better support our employees. I believe that you all are doing a great job now, and I would love to be able to be a part of this amazing council.  I would like to make an impact at ISU and help make a difference for our staff.

  • Melissa Ramirez-Osorio, College of Education

    I have enjoyed my time serving in A/P Council as the CCC representative and with the CS/AP Council Merger working group. I would like to continue to work on the plans for the merger.