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Distinguished Service Award

The University Distinguished Service Award is designed to acknowledge the demonstrated outstanding contributions by staff to the work of the University. This award is intended to encourage professional development and improve morale by honoring sustained contributions made by selected individuals.

This award is the highest non-faculty award given by the University. This award's criteria are based on significant contributions over a period of time and this award is not typically given for a single contribution.

Each winner of the University Distinguished Service Award will receive a $1000 one-time cash award.

Application Process

For full consideration, complete the nomination form and upload a written nomination detailing the criteria below. Two additional letters of support outlining a detailed account of the staff member’s contributions is required. Letters of recommendation may be requested from individuals inside and/or outside the University. Letter can be attached via the online form or emailed to Wilma Bates. Nominations for 2022 will be accepted from November 16, 2022, through December 9, 2022.


  • A/P staff member
  • Employed at University for at least 5 years
    • A person may receive this award no more than once every 7 years
  • Nominees will be judged on their professional and personal contributions to the University:
    • Exemplary job performance and accomplishments in area of responsibility
    • Goes above and beyond job duties and responsibilities
    • Collaborates with departments and units across the University
    • Contributes to the professional field
    • Community involvement and service

Previous Recipients

  • 2022

    Sharon Mills, Tricia Larkin, Derek Story, Ani Yazedjian

  • 2021

    Cheryl Fogler, Dr. Ashley Hicks, Katy Killian, Crystal Nourie

  • 2020

    Jana Albrecht, Jay Ansher, Ryan Denham, Jill Donnel

  • 2019

    John Plevka, Patrick Walsh, Aaron Woodruff, Susan Woollen

  • 2018

    Stephanie Duquenne, Ryan Gray, Jan Patterson, Bruce Stoffel

  • 2017

    Doris Groves, Rick Kentzler, Todd McLoda, Sarah Metivier

  • 2016

    Beverly Beyer, John Davenport, Jennifer O'Malley, Jess Ray

  • 2015

    Kris Harding, Kirk Hines, Lynn Steffen

  • 2014

    Debbie Lamb, Norris Porter, Bridget Reeland, Veda Rives

  • 2013

    Angela S. Davenport, Danielle Miller-Schuster, Mark Vegter

  • 2012

    Gina Bianchi, Gail Lamb, Erik Rankin

  • 2011

    Ron Gifford, Lisa Lee, Rick Lewis

  • 2010

    Arlene Hosea, Jan Murphy, Randy Reid

  • 2009

    James P. Kellogg, Sally Parry, Stacy Ramsey

  • 2008

    Doug Jennings, Jane Fulton, Susan Marquardt Blystone

  • 2007

    Joy Hutchcraft, Denver Johnson, Jerry Abner

  • 2006

    Molly Arnold, Sara Diel-Hunt, Tom Heintzman

  • 2005

    Tara Reeser, Scott Brouette, Rebecca Benner

  • 2004

    Maureen Blair, Leanna Bordner, Judith Sevel

  • 2003

    Julie Barnhill, Paul Ronczowski, Terri Ryburn-Lamonte

  • 2002

    Barbara Gallick, Jonathan Rosenthal, Sara Schickle, Marilyn Tyus

  • 2001

    Paul Jarvis, Rick Lewis, Mindy Mangialardi

  • 2000

    Douglas Lamb, Chika Nnamani, Sally Pyne, Karen Stephens

  • 1999

    Jane Reggio, Brian Hamilton, Paul Schollaert, Martin Jackson

  • 1998

    Richard Dammers, David Mathis

  • 1997

    Alan Dillingham, David Kuntz, Ellen Miller MacCannell, Michael Schermer

  • 1996

    Deb Lesser, Barb Todd

  • 1995

    Carolyn Bartlett, Linda Sorrells

  • 1994

    David Strand, Betty Plummer

  • 1993

    Floyd Hoelting, Brisbane Rouzan

  • 1992

    Marilee Rapp, Bob Foldesi

  • 1991

    Larry Quane, Gloria-Jeanne Davis

  • 1990

    Judith Boyer, Steve Adams

  • 1989

    Bill Warren, Jill Hutchison

  • 1988

    Chris Schwelle

  • 1987

    Kathy Schneidlwind, JoAnn McCarthy Schniedwind

  • 1986

    Marlyn Lawrentz, Carolyn Bartlett

  • 1985

    David Wiant, Marcia Escott