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Esprit de Corps Award

Each year, the respective A/P and Civil Service Councils may determine that one individual is deserving of special recognition for their work on behalf of the membership and University. These individuals do not currently hold elected Council office, but are willing to spend their time and effort doing something for the good of the membership. It is the wish of each Council to recognize the dedicated work of these individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Therefore, both Councils endorse the Esprit de Corps Award as being a one-time award given to those individuals who best exemplify dedicated, extraordinary work and who may not otherwise receive recognition for their efforts on behalf of the membership. The award need not be given annually unless each Council feels there are suitable recipients. In general, the following highlights outline this award:

  • Recipients will not currently serve as members of the Council
  • Recipients will be selected by their respective Councils for extraordinary work on behalf of the membership
  • Recipients may receive this award one time only
  • Recipients will be suitably recognized for their dedicated work at the Joint Awards Ceremony
  • Recipients will receive a personalized plaque at the Joint Awards Ceremony
  • Recipients will be highlighted in the University's annual publication of award winners.

Previous Recipients

  • 2022

    Terry Jackson Jr.
  • 2021

    Stacy Ramsey

  • 2020

    Rachel Caracci

  • 2019

    Debbie Lamb

  • 2018

    Melanie Schaafsma

  • 2017

    Narry Kim

  • 2016

    Maureen Smith

  • 2015

    Soemer Simmons

  • 2014

    Derek Story

  • 2013

    No award

  • 2012

    Julie Barnhill

  • 2011

    No award

  • 2010

    Ron Gifford

  • 2009

    Nikki Brauer

  • 2008

    Alex Skorpinski

  • 2007

    Kimberly A. Hays

  • 2006

    Mark Troester

  • 2005

    Joseph Rives

  • 2004

    Richard Dammers

  • 2003

    Victor Boschini

  • 2002

    Michael Baum

  • 2001

    Sharon Stanford

  • 2000

    Michael Schermer

  • 1999

    Carolyn Bartlett

  • 1998

    Jane Reggio

  • 1997

    Chris Schwelle